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Different stages of cancer

Reiki and cancer

Today, after many years, this complementary therapy is recognized for healing cancer and various other terminal disorders across the world by Reiki practitioners. Reiki works well with conventional cancer treatments. Reiki healing is promoted by the American Cancer Society as a far way safer holistic cancer therapy. According to the studies performed, it is known that Reiki is a non-invasive and effectual therapy that doesn’t affect or even manipulate the body tissues. This, as a result, helps the patients relax even during their intense pain, while also lowering stress and the heart rate. Overall, this treatment helps promote better health in the patients for a faster Reiki cancer healing. 

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Chemotherapy phase

By Nasreen Burtally

In the case of cancer, Reiki helps fight symptoms at different stages of conventional cancer treatment. From diagnosis, there is a huge amount of emotional energy stuck in the body that needs releasing before any kind of physical healing is possible. In this first phase, if the tumour is at its early stage and has not spread too much, it may even be possible to reduce tumour size and therefore, limit the number of chemo treatments with better prognosis.

Reiki can help ease the symptoms and restore balance, tranquility and inner peace, providing release from the depths of anxiety and illness. As well, Reiki can put the body and mind in a conducive state of healing to re-energize all the cells in the body as well as deal with any emotional traumas. Reiki is well-known for helping the release of deeply-grounded accumulated emotional energy that may have been the original cause of any such illnesses if the patient is willing to let go of them. In terminal stages of cancer. Reiki rebalances the energy instability and enhances the immune system of the patients. This, therefore, encourages the body of the patient to heal from within. However, several Reiki treatments are required to cure the cancer cells or growth. Furthermore, Reiki also balances the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels thus enhancing the free flow of energy in the body of the patient. This will again help to improve the connection between each of these four levels. It induces peace and calmness by reducing stress in the patients. It relieves pain thus providing comfort to the patient. During the reviving process, Reiki also balances the chakras and releases all minor and major energy blockages which help remove toxins and other impurities from the body.